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This, as the name says, is a fitness blog. This blog will give you all kinds of fitness materials i.e workouts, health tips, nutrition tips. videos and many more health related stuff.
Note: I do not own any of pics or material if your offended by something or just want something out of this blog PLZ dont hesitate to ask. Just send me link of the post or pic and i will delete it.

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    Quiana aka Q:Β 3:21!!!! PR’d the sh*t out of my second Fran. Loved the energy and excitement in the 12:30 class with Jenny, Cammie, Muscle Hamster, Willie and all the crew. What a fun Fran Friday! Can’t wait to get sub 3 on this bitch!Β 

    This really shows the true spirit of the Olympic games. Turkish runner Merve Aydin injured herself during an 800m heat, but still carried on a whole lap visibly in excruciating pain before limping over the finish line and falling to the floor in tears to the cheers of 80,000 fans in the Olympic stadium. Respect.

    (Source: aaronjramseys, via man2gentleman)

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